Five Fun Indoor Dog Exercises for Bad Weather Days

  • A Maltese dog performs tricks indoors. (Photo by Ed Yourdon)

Five Fun Indoor Dog Exercises for Bad Weather Days

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Your kids aren’t the only ones who’re bored staying indoors!

Every dog owner has looked into the pleading eyes of his or her four-legged friend on a day when it’s cold or rainy or just plain nasty outside. On days like that, knowing some fun indoor dog exercises could help entertain your dog, as well as other members of your family who might be stuck inside.

Indoor dog exercises inclde fetching a chew toy.Dogs need exercise to stay healthy and happy, even when going outdoors isn’t an option. Beyond working off extra pounds, vigorous exercise sharpens your pet’s mental acuity and lifts up its spirits. Keeping your dog fit is good for you as well.

There are lots of ways of exercising your dog indoors. Here are five of my favorites:

Indoor Dog Exercise #1: Catch, Fetch and Keep-Away

Dogs love to show off their ability to chase anything you throw. Pick a long hallway or uncluttered room and toss a soft indoor ball or favorite toy. Get a partner to join in the fun and give your dog a little completion. (Be sure to let Rover catch the ball every few throws!) Be careful not to overwork your pet,
especially if he/she has medical issues.

Indoor Dog Exercise #2: Obstacle Course

Build a tunnel for your dog to run through by draping a blanket over a chair or coffee table. Go to one end of the tunnel, pick up the overhanging blanket and encourage them to run toward you. You can also create an obstacle course by placing different textures surfaces (paper, foil, bubble wrap) on the floor.

Indoor Dog Exercise #3: Hide and Seek

This one is a natural. Hide an object – a dog treat or favorite toy – somewhere in the house and tell Rover to go find it. Of course, you can go hide your self. Be prepared to a have a cold nose and a wet tongue stuck in your face!

Chasing each other up and down hallways and from room to room is another good way to wear out both of you. Hide and seek and chasing games are great fun and exercise for your kids, too – they’re just as bored with having to stay inside.

Indoor Dog Exercise #4:  Push-Ups

If your dog understands “sit” and “lie down,” you can give them a vigorous push-up session. Be sure to reward them with a treat or two to keep the game interesting.

Indoor Dog Exercise #5: Play Dates

If you know other dog owners, encourage them to bring their own pets over for some indoor play time.

There are so many more possibilities to add to this list. Let us know your favorites. With a little imagination, you can turn those doggie whines of frustration into yips of pure joy on the dreariest of days!

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Article: Five Fun Indoor Dog Exercises for Bad Weather Days
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Five Fun Indoor Dog Exercises for Bad Weather Days

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