Why We Love Batman the Cat

  • Batman the Pet Me Happy Cat

Why We Love Batman the Cat

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Batman the Cat, age 6 weeks, August 2005.Batman the Cat was just six weeks old when he chose our high-school-age son Scot and his younger sister Veronica to be his People Parents. They brought him home and named him that because his ears stuck straight up, like Batman’s cowl.

No one could come up with a better name, so Batman it was from the start.

Goofball Cat Thinks He’s Human and Loves Cat Treats

Born on the 4th of July 2005, Batman is a grey mackerel tabby cat with perfectly symmetrical markings. He was already litter-box trained when he came home with the kids, and has never, in a decade, missed the pan. Good kitty!

Batman the Cat, 2011Even better, he’s a total goofball character, has absolutely no clue he’s a cat, follows us around like a puppy dog, and carries on long call-and-response meowing/yeowling conversations with any human within hearing distance. We could set our clocks by his routine, which includes kitty treat breaks in the morning and after dinner, and bedtime at 10:30.

He’s never known anything but unconditional love from his Pet Parents and Grandparents, and trusts humans completely.

He’s so much fun, such a wonderful playmate and companion, that when our kids grew up and moved out and wanted to take Batman with them, we told each of them, “We love you unconditionally, but no way!!

Batman Spoiled Rotten with Cat Toys and Treats

So Batman the Cat is now 11 years young, living large and loving life with his Pet Grandparents. We spoil him rotten and rub his chin, ears, Batman the Pet Me Happy Catforehead and belly whenever he requests. He greets us when we come home, hangs out with us if we watch TV, and curls up in his little round kitty bed at the foot of our bed to protect us at night.

Batman just came into our home office to remind us it’s time for us to hit the sack.

OK, Buddy, wrapping it up!

Our furry four-legged family member brings so much happiness and joy to our lives, we feel lucky and blessed, and in return, we want to make sure he has nothing but the best of everything — veterinary care, cat food, cat treats, cat toys, whatever.

We think Batman is the very picture of the Pet Me Happy cat. That’s why he’s our official Feline Mascot.

Stephen K. Peeples is CEO of Pet Me Happy Treats, which he co-founded in summer 2015 to pursue his lifelong passion for pets. In his previous life, he was a veteran music industry executive, an award-winning radio producer and newspaper website editor, a Grammy-nominated record producer, and a WAVE-nominated TV producer-host. He and wife Nadine (Pet Me Happy co-founder) raised two wonderful children, now grown and gone. Now, their cat, Batman, rules the empty nest.

Article: Why We Love Batman the Cat
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Why We Love Batman the Cat

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