Dog Memorial Urn Honors a Pet’s Memory

  • Dog passing over the rainbow.

Dog Memorial Urn Honors a Pet’s Memory

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Dog passing over the rainbow.The story of man (and woman) and dog goes back some 15,000 years to the dawn of civilization. It’s a tale of friendship, devotion and enduring love. And like all true love stories, it never gets old.

The loyalty and affection of dogs is so much a part of our lives, it’s easy for us to take it for granted.

But it’s good to be reminded of how remarkable this bond across the species is. From the moment that our ancient ancestors welcomed the first wolf-like creature into their lives, dogs have astonished humans with their intelligence, sensitivity and faithfulness.

We celebrate the dog as man’s best friend. We become more human by being their friends as well. Studies have shown that adopting a dog lowers a person’s cholesterol, improves self-esteem and eases stress. A dog-owner gets more exercise, feels safer and less lonely. Simply put, our lives are made better by sharing them with dogs.

Cherish the memory of your dog with a dog memorial urn.A true friend is never forgotten. We remember fondly the dogs in our lives long after they’ve left us. It’s only right to want to keep their memory close. They remind us of quiet walks to the park, fun times playing catch in the backyard, peaceful moments curled up on the sofa at night.  Whether your friend was a big, lovable St. Bernard, a plucky little Chihuahua or anything in between, the bond survives even when the pet is gone.

The connection between man and dog may have begun for purely practical reasons. Humans needed dogs to help hunt game and protect their flocks; dogs needed food and a pack to belong to. But the benefits of the relationship go much, much deeper.

A 2015 research project at Japan’s Azabu University discovered that when humans and dogs gaze into each other’s eyes, the same hormonal response that bonds mothers to their infant children is released.

Dog Memorial UrnThe study showed that both dogs and humans experienced a marked increase in levels of the hormone oxytocin after sharing eye contact for even a minute or less.

This sense of understanding and affection is something dog owners experience every day with their canine companions.

There’s more. A January 2016 study by the University of Lincoln in the UK showed that dogs can recognize subtle changes in human emotional states, not just respond to trained behavioral cues. Rover reads your facial expressions and listens to your voice without being taught to do so.

Just one more confirmation of what dog owners have known all along.

Dogs and people learn together as they grow up and older. The frantic emotions of puppyhood turn into the steady, sensible habits of the mature dog. We take that walk together through the years and if we’re lucky, we gain the full measure of a dog’s lifetime friendship. We are there for our friends as they slow down and need more care. It’s what you do for a member of the family.

Our memories of our four-legged friends don’t end with their passing. Who they were and what they meant to us deserve to be honored. Preserving your dog’s ashes in a dog memorial urn is a way to do this with taste and respect. Your dog’s unconditional loyalty and love deserve no less.

Barry Alfonso has written songs recorded by Johnny Cash, Pam Tillis and Olivia Newton-John, contributed articles to Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times and earned a Grammy Award for music journalism. He is currently active as a personal historian, freelance author and faithful servant to his cat Clarence.

Article: Dog Memorial Urn Honors a Pet’s Memory
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Author: Barry Alfonso

Dog Memorial Urn Honors a Pet’s Memory

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