Cats Need Water – 5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Cats Need Water – 5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Hydrated

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How a Pet Fountain Can Help Your Cat Hydrated, Healthy and Happy

Ever wonder what’s up with your cat and water?

If you have felines in your family, you’ve no doubt observed the curious relationship they have with water. Furballs are fascinated by dripping water taps, and some cats have even been known to jump into a filled bathtub for a swim.

Have you seen the photo of the surfing cat hanging 10 toes over the nose? Too much fun!

Other cats, like my cat Clarence, hate even a sprinkle of water in his face or on his fur. He’ll run like hell at just the sight of the laundry spray bottle (no, we don’t use it on him!). But then he’ll dip his paw into his water bowl if the mood strikes him.

Go figure. He’s a cat.

h/t: AFV Videos |

h/t: AFV Videos |

One thing’s for sure – felines need to drink an adequate amount of water every day. But how much is adequate?

Experts say it depends on the size of the cat and how much moisture is in his/her food (among other factors).

More specifically, two to four ounces of fresh water is considered the minimum amount for a cat to drink each day. This is especially important if your cat mostly eats dry food, which has about 70 percent less water than canned cat food.

Keep track of your cat’s water-drinking habits. If there’s a change it may indicate health issues like feline urological syndrome, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or tapeworms. Your cat’s appearance will give you clues if he/she is properly hydrated.

A shiny coat, supple skin, a normal energy level and regular urination (two to three times per day) mean that kitty is drinking enough water.

That’s why watching your cat’s water-drinking habits is as important as keeping track of your cat’s poop – but that’s another story.

Some cats are as finicky about drinking water as they are about eating. They’re sensitive to water’s taste and texture and how it is offered. By experimenting a little, you’ll find out how to cater to those issues, just like you figured out what he/she will and won’t eat.

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Consider giving your cat an automatic water fountain.

Here are five tips to encourage your cat to stay happily hydrated:

  • Make sure the water is fresh. Change the water bowl at least once a day. You may want to change it more often during the summer in case bacteria are affecting the water’s taste. Wash the bowl regularly with soap and water. Keep the water bowl separate from food bowls to avoid contamination.
  • If you have more than one cat, it may be a good idea to have multiple water bowls in different locations. This avoids territory issues that can develop.
  • Consider using filtered instead of tap water. Cats can dislike the salts and additives found in tap water. In areas where the tap water is hard, the high mineral content could be harmful to your cat’s urinary system.
  • If your cat seems to be avoiding the water bowl, try giving him/her an automatic water fountain. Drinking fountains for cats come in a range of sizes and prices.
  • If your tap water is OK, you can also install a motion-activated faucet in your kitchen or bathroom so your kitty can have the fun of lapping straight from the tap!

It’s easy to overlook how much water your cat needs every day. Keep it clean and fresh and you’ll help your be-whiskered friend stay hydrated, healthy and happy.

Barry Alfonso has written songs recorded by Johnny Cash, Pam Tillis and Olivia Newton-John, contributed articles to Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times and earned a Grammy Award for music journalism. He is currently active as a personal historian, freelance author and faithful servant to his cat Clarence. 

Article: Cats Need Water – 5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Hydrated
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Author: Barry Alfonso

Cats Need Water – 5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Hydrated

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