Pet Me Happy to Adopt Canine Mascot

  • The Pet Me Happy pet gifts and treats crew (from right): Nadine and Stephen K. Peeples; Paige Hagen; and Marcus Rigsby.

Pet Me Happy to Adopt Canine Mascot

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The Pet Me Happy pet gifts and treats crew (from right): Nadine and Stephen K. Peeples; Paige Hagen; and Marcus Rigsby, in search of a canine mascot

The Pet Me Happy pet treats crew (from right): Nadine and Stephen K. Peeples; Paige Hagen; and Marcus Rigsby, Santa Clarita, summer 2016.

Once Pet Me Happy Treats was all set to co-sponsor the KHTS “Adoptable Pet of the Week” radio-web-YouTube news feature on our local radio station in Santa Clarita starting September 1, 2016, my company co-founders Nadine Peeples and Paige Hagen  and I decided to walk the adoption walk – and adopt our own Canine Mascot.

Nadine and I decided now is the perfect time to adopt a family dog as a lovable, loyal companion – and a pooch that could also lend a paw with the family business as the official Pet Me Happy Canine Mascot and Spokesdog.

Taking our “Adoptable Pet of the Week” sponsorship another step further, the partners are conducting our canine mascot search and adoption in conjunction with the feature.

Pet Me Happy co-sponsors KHTS Adoptable Pet of the Week and searches for a canine mascotWe hope to adopt one of the adoptable dogs profiled by Melissa Lampert, “Adoptable Pet” producer at KHTS, coming from a Santa Clarita Valley-area non-profit pet rescue group or the Castaic Animal Care Center, our local L.A. County public shelter. We won’t rule out a private party, but we do rule out breeders or pet stores.

Yeah, I know: “Big deal. People adopt pets every day.” (We should hope!)

Well, for Nadine and me, adopting a family dog is a big deal. It took only 35 years for us to adopt another canine kid.

Why Adopt a Dog Now After 35 Years?

Well, since you asked, I’ll explain. As kids in the ’50s and ’60s, Nadine and I both grew up with four-legged siblings in our families, she in Chicago/California and me in Wisconsin/Florida/California.

My peeps always had cats: Mitty, Bootsy, Soxie and Mustache for me – all tuxedo kitties (mother-son, mother daughter) – and my mom’s unfortunately named tomcat Feathers, a mackerel tabby.

Hawkeye Peeples, 1993, never had to deal with a canine mascot

Hawkeye Peeples, 1993

But sadly, our family dogs Babette the poodle (Nadine’s) and Ginger (aka “Finky”) the Corgi-wirehair terrier mix (mine) were long departed when Nadine and I married on September 26, 1981.

On that day, my bad-ass jet-black tomcat, Hawkeye, and her long hair girl kitty, Amaya, legally became step-brother-and-sister. Hawk was an adventurous mostly outside cat and Amaya was a cuddly mostly inside homebody. Amazingly, they got along perfectly. Nadine and I treated them like they were our first two kids.

Well, they were!

Since then, she and I have almost always had a feline or two. But we resisted the urge to subject a dog to the daily chaos of raising two beautiful human children and stoking the fires of two successful careers. Also, since we live in a nice condo that’s still a condo, it’s not really suitable for a pup that should get lots of exercise.

Now, Nadine and I are empty-nesters – our son Scot (early 30s) and daughter Veronica (late 20s) have been on their own for several years. And I all but retired from a 41-year career in media, music and marketing in summer 2016 so I could finally follow my passion for animals and pets, which predates my passion for music and media.

So right now, at last, with Pet Me Happy off and running, Nadine and I think the timing is finally just about perfect to adopt a Peeples pup.

Adopting Canine Mascot Through ‘Adoptable Pet’ Feature

When struck by the idea to conduct our canine mascot search and adoption in conjunction with the “Adoptable Pet of the Week” feature, my head just about exploded thinking about how many win-win-win-wins that could be.

  • Pet Me Happy big logo square on the canine mascot search pageWe could truly walk the Pet Me Happy walk, not just pay lip service.
  • We could maybe adopt one of the featured dogs or another dog from one of the several participating local rescues and shelters, including the L.A. County-run Castaic Animal Care Center, which is wonderful to have on our community, but it is NOT a no-kill shelter.
  • Our new pup would be the official Pet Me Happy Gifts & Treats canine mascot and family business spokesdog.
  • We’d provide Melissa and KHTS a way to personalize their feature.
  • The station would cover our search and adoption as part of the series, because we’re co-sponsors, we’re handy, and media savvy. The result: Pet Me Happy would get a little extra love, airtime and webspace here and there, beyond the parameters of our sponsorship.
  • Through this coverage, we (both Pet Me Happy and KHTS) would show viewers just how pet adoption works. If that helps people become more familiar and comfortable with the adoption process, and in turn helps encourage them to adopt, and actually inspires them to do it, then it helps fulfill both Pet Me Happy’s mission and the purpose of the “Adoptable Pet of the Week” feature.
  • We could engage both Pet Me Happy’s and KHTS’s social media fans to help us search and celebrate our new family member when we bring him or her home.
  • We would get to make personal contact and get to know the wonderful animal advocates who operate the non-profit rescue shelters in our area.
  • We would welcome their help in our search for the perfect Pet Me Happy pooch.
  • Either one of the featured dogs or another dog from one of the participating local rescues and shelters
  • The absolute best win: We’d finally get a canine companion for our family.

Never been a math whiz, but I’m at 11 wins and counting.

“Terrific idea!” KHTS Co-owner Carl Goldman replied to my emailed canine mascot proposal. Before the day was out, he and Melissa Lampert and I had the whole thing in motion.

Wins everywhere. Sometimes you just get lucky.

‘Likes Cats’ Tops List of Canine Qualities

Batman Peeples, age 6 weeks, August 2005, long before the canine mascot search

Batman Peeples, age 6 weeks, August 2005.

Nadine, Paige and I had lots of fun brainstorming a list of the qualities we’d like to see in our new canine companion and mascot.

“Likes cats” topped the list.

That’s because Batman, the Peeples family’s senior mackerel tabby and Pet Me Happy’s Official Feline Mascot, gets to sign off on any candidate for canine step-sibling.

Batman is absolutely the best cat on the planet (with all due respect to yours, and the meow-mories of my departed cats). Our kids adopted him in summer 2005 when he was 6 weeks old. He’s smart, affectionate, low-maintenance, and more fun than TV. He has no idea he’s a cat.

Our quest to find and adopt our perfect pooch really starts and ends with Batman. When we consider a canine candidate, we imagine what would happen when we bring him or her to our home for an exploratory visit. We ask ourselves, “WWBD?” (“What would Batman do?”)

So, our ideal pup would embody all these qualities (and of course we know, and accept, that such a perfect creature probably exists only in our fertile imaginations):

  • Likes cats (really, really)
  • Rescue dog fine; mystery mutt fine
  • Small- to medium-sized
  • Batman the Pet Me Happy Cat waits to meet the new canine mascotAge 1-5 years old – not a puppy, not a senior
  • Short-hair, preferably a non-shedder
  • Halfway intelligent (at least)
  • House-trained
  • Leash-trained
  • No serious health issues
  • Current shots, etc.
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Good-tempered with kids, people and other dogs
  • Not hyperactive; doesn’t jump on people
  • Can hang at home unsupervised a few hours a day without destroying the place
  • Likes going to outdoor events with lots of other pets and humans in our area, like Bark for Life, Bow Wows & Meows, the KHTS Home & Garden Show, etc.
  • Doesn’t bark excessively (a little singing is fine)
  • Protective of his/her humans, but not aggressive unless seriously provoked
  • Likes to ride in a car, go places like the dog park, beach, visiting friends, etc.

If you know about a canine candidate with such qualities in Southern California, please send us a note.

We’re going to keep track of our search in a separate journal, so please join us for the ride.

Article: Pet Me Happy to Adopt Canine Mascot
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Pet Me Happy to Adopt Canine Mascot

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