Canine Mascot Search Journal – Updated

Canine Mascot Search Journal – Updated

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A mascot search is underway at Pet Me Happy.As detailed in other posts, Pet Me Happy Treats has launched a search for a canine mascot, in conjunction with our charter co-sponsorship of the “Adoptable Pet of the Week” radio-web-YouTube feature on KHTS-AM 1220 our home city of Santa Clarita, California, just north of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Company co-founders Nadine Peeples, Paige Hagen and yours truly, Stephen K. Peeples, decided to adopt a dog not only to become a new member of the Peeples family, but to also lend a paw as the Pet Me Happy Canine Mascot-Spokesdog.

Even better, we’re conducting our search and adoption in conjunction with the “Adoptable Pet” series.

In this post, we’re keeping a journal about our search for our perfect Pet Me Happy pooch, and will update it when there’s news. The latest news is at the top; scroll down for previous posts.

Mascot Search October 9, 2016: WE ADOPTED OUR MASCOT, and his name is LennonRead the whole story here.

Still “Adoptable”: Sugar & SpiceBarkleyKane, Snowcone and Sassy.

* * * * *

Mascot Search October 6, 2016: The Pet Me Happy menagerie has been preparing for our second Bow-Wows & Meows Pet Fair, coming up on Sunday, October 9. It’s the biggest annual pet adoption event in the Santa Clarita Valley, just north of Los Angeles.

We were just getting our business started last year, but we went as a guest of a vendor friend to meet pet parents, do some market research and invite everyone to sign up for the Pet Me Happy Post e-newsletter.

This year, Pet Me Happy is launched, we have our own booth, and we’re going to introduce our new Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries and exclusive pet-related ceramics gifts to our fellow SCV petmaniacs.

Bow Wows & Meows Pet Me Happy booth 60

We’re also very excited about Bow-Wows & Meows this year because it’s very possible we will find the perfect Pet Me Happy pooch among the 200-250 adoptable pets expected to be brought to the park by the six L.A. County Animal Care Centers and another half-dozen SCV-area nonprofit animal rescue organizations.

While the nonprofit rescue groups and their staffs and volunteers are fine humans, and the dogs they find homes for are more than deserving, we hope it works out that the dog we adopt will be from a kill shelter. We can save the life of the pup we adopt, and make room for another dog the shelter can help find a home.

We’ll keep you posted!

Mascot Search October 5: This week’s KHTS “Adoptable Pet” is Snowcone, a year-old chihuahua/terrier mix at New Leash on Life. Read the feature about her.

Still “Adoptable”: Sugar & Spice, LuckyBarkley and Kane.

* * * * *

Mascot Search September 28: Kane is indeed this week’s KHTS “Adoptable Pet”! Thanks to Melissa and Menji from KHTS. Read Melissa’s feature story about Kane.

Mascot Search September 27: Very cool news – more than half of the “Adoptable Pets” featured since the series debuted on KHTS in August have been adopted! That’s Butter, Lacey, Crimson and JacksonRead the story here.

Still “Adoptable”: Sugar & Spice, Lucky and Barkley.

* * * * *

Mascot Search September 26: Paige and I visited the New Leash on Life rescue shelter in Placerita Canyon this morning. Bri and her dog-dedicated staff introduced us to their dozen canine charges.

Melissa and Menji from KHTS were there to shoot an “Adoptable Pet” segment, and invited us to join them. They shot a little footage of us interacting with the adoptable pups, sharing our Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries with a few of them, and  leaving 2-oz. packages of treats with Bri to be included in the goodie bags that are given to pet parents who adopt a dog.

Of all the dogs we met, I was most taken by Kane, a five-year-old pit bull who’s as friendly and lovable as can be. Kane’s a true survivor, and a great companion good with other dogs, cats and kids. I would have adopted him on the spot, but at 50 lbs., Kane is about twice as big as our place can humanely accommodate.

We hope Melissa and Menji decide to feature Kane as an “Adoptable Pet of the Week.”

* * * * *

Mascot Search September 21: This week’s “Adoptable Pet” is Lacey.

* * * * *

Mascot Search September 19: BUTTER HAS BEEN ADOPTED! What a wonderfully happy ending for Pet Me Happy’s first “KHTS Adoptable Pet of the Week”!

* * * * *

Mascot Search September 14, 2016: Today was the official unveiling of the new Pet Me Happy Gifts & Treats website and our exclusive new products, featuring our all-new, all-natural, artisan-baked Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries. We’re also spreading the word about the KHTS “Adoptable Pet” feature and our search. This week’s “Adoptable Pet”: Crimson.

* * * * *

Mascot Search September 7, 2016: We began compiling a list of local pet rescue groups and researching different kinds of dogs and their characteristics. Just like we did before we brought our kids home from the hospital, we have some work to do around the house to make it dog-friendly and dog-safe. This week’s “Adoptable Pets” are a sister act – two rabbits named Sugar & Spice.

* * * * *

Mascot Search September 1, 2016: Pet Me Happy’s co-sponsorship of KHTS’s “Adoptable Pet of the Week” feature and canine mascot search were topics of discussion on the station this morning, when I guested on-air with Features Producer Melissa Lampert and Air Personality George Cummings.

Read Melissa’s accompanying web feature about Pet Me Happy.

Melissa and her crew at KHTS feature a new “Adoptable Pet of the Week” each Wednesday, on the radio, on the station’s website, with a nice little video package on YouTube, and all over the station’s social media accounts. Cinema Vet in Valencia is the feature’s title sponsor.

As part of Pet Me Happy’s sponsorship, we’re very happy to share each week’s “Adoptable Pet” with our growing menagerie of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter followers, too.

The first Pet Me Happy-sponsored “Adoptable Pet” was Butter, a cute-as-a-button 11-month-old terrier whose video feature debuted the same day I was on the air (what a concept!).

Butter was a true rescue. Read all about Butter’s escape from certain death.

The Pet Me Happy crew – including my cousin Priscilla Peeples and Partner Paige’s main man Marcus Rigsby – have also begun to post social media updates about our search for the newest member of the Pet Me Happy family.

The First Pack of ‘Adoptable Pets’

We are establishing contact with the local rescues to keep tabs on the “Adoptable Pets” so we know which pets were adopted, and which need a little extra social media love and exposure to find their furever homes.

Here are all the “Adoptable Pets of the Week” featured to date (we’ll update the adoption status as we’re updated by KHTS):

August 24, 2016: Jackson

August 17, 2016: Barkley

August 10, 2016: Lucky

August 9, 2016: Read the first news from KHTS about the feature, and Melissa’s call for sponsors.

* * * * *

Article: Canine Mascot Search Journal – Updated
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Canine Mascot Search Journal – Updated

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