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Fri 16, Sep, 2016
Pet Me Happy co-sponsors KHTS Adoptable Pet of the Week
Pet Me Happy Sponsors KHTS Adoptable Pet Feature

Pet Me Happy logoCall it fate, the planets lining up, divine intervention, coincidence, prescience, clairvoyance, connections, dumb luck or some combination, but that would explain how Pet Me Happy Treats became co-sponsors of the new “KHTS “Adoptable Pet of the Week” radio-web-YouTube feature – just as the company launched its new online boutique and exclusive line of quality pet-related products in September 2016.

Melissa Lampert, features producer at the community-minded local radio station in Santa Clarita, launched the “Adoptable Pet of the Week” feature in early August, and sent out a call for sponsors in a post on the station’s website.

Earlier in the year, my company co-founders and I had actually been weighing the idea of producing a Pet Me Happy radio podcast at the station. One of the weekly features we proposed was just this kind of thing, also tied in with the local county animal shelter and nonprofit rescue and adoption organizations.

But all things considered, we decided to focus our resources and time on launching Pet Me Happy’s treats retailing business first and put the podcast idea on the back burner.

But then, in early August, KHTS had its own “APOW” feature up and running. Blam!

My Pet Me Happy co-founders Nadine and Paige and I met and talked about it for about 15 seconds before deciding we had to get involved.

So I contacted Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti-Goldman, KHTS owners and my longtime friends-colleagues-employers-nonprofit board-mates.

Pet Me Happy co-sponsors KHTS Adoptable Pet of the WeekWe have a great relationship, having worked together and helped each other out on a variety of levels since we met in 2004. Connecting with them on this feature was just a no-brainer on so many levels for all of us.

One quick email exchange and we made it happen, just like that.

So as of September 1, Pet Me Happy Treats officially signed on as the second “Adoptable Pet of the Week” sponsor, right behind the feature’s charter and title sponsor, Cinema Vet.

But beyond simple sponsorship, Nadine, Paige and I decided that once the sponsorship was in place, our next step was to really walk the adoption walk.

We’re going to search for and adopt a family dog to also be the official Canine Mascot and Barksdog for our new company.

Read how that developed in our next post.

Article: Pet Me Happy Sponsors KHTS Adoptable Pet Feature
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Author: Stephen K. Peeples

Pet Me Happy Sponsors KHTS ‘Adoptable Pet’ Feature