Thu 06, Jul, 2017
Why Dogs Love Blueberries

The four-legged canine member of your family may think grapes or garlic toast or ice cream would make a great snack – but giving in to his or her kooky cravings could be deadly for your pet, unless it’s blueberries they crave. Fresh blueberries, provide a delicious and safe alternative. Dogs can enjoy  them safely. And those little round blue-purple seasonal fruit-balls contain the same healthy benefits for our canines that they do for us humans. Blueberries – Superfood for Humans and Dogs Fresh blueberries are low in fat, high in fiber and Vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants. Studies have shown them to help prevent or reduce a host of illnesses in humans, including memory loss, hypertension, urinary tract infections and types of cancer. Blueberries can help boost your dog’s health in ways you can see. Eating them can help keep an older dog’s mind sharp and alert. They have been shown to improve night vision as well. The silicon in the berries does good things for your pooch’s pancreas, cardiovascular system and blood sugar levels. A true superfood, the berries can be enjoyed by Pet Parents and their dogs. How to Give Your Dog Fresh Blueberries If you keep a few simple do’s and don’ts in mind, blueberries can perk up your pet’s diet and help him enjoy a longer and happier life. That said, there are recommended ways to give them to your dog, as well as ways to avoid. It’s best to start off by giving […]

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