• Testimonials from Brenda Huerta and her dog Max are raves.

    Max is a picky pup! He doesn’t eat just any treat but he really likes these blueberry treats.

    Brenda Huerta, Valencia, California
  • Pet Me Happy Tesimonials Raja Jojo and Henry

    JoJo is thrilled. I will take some with me when I walk her and my downstairs neighbor’s dogs in the morning and meet their friend Henry. I’m sure they will all approve. UPDATE: Raja, Henry and Roscoe were thrilled, too!

    Carol Milton, Pacific Palisades, California
  • Buster loves the treats! I think he would eat the whole bag in one sitting!

    Robert Hudson, Pet Radio Show, Salem, Oregon
  • We have given our dog the Pet Me Happy Artisan Dog Treats for several weeks and he seems to love them, always gobbles them down quickly. In addition, his bowel movements have been fine, with no problems. We will be getting more treats in the future for sure. A very satisfied customer.

    Joe McGee, Tampa, Florida
  • Our dogs loved these treats, couldn’t get enough. Our four dogs, Rufus, Bijou, Einstein and Molly are happy little ones. They asked us to reorder.

    Al & Lisa Schmitt, Hollywood, California
  • Just got our package of blueberry treats. All three of our kids eat raw and organic food. They loved these treats and I am so glad we have another treat we can spoil them with! Great product and can’t wait to see what flavors come next!

    Ashley T., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • My dog loved the Artisan Dog Treats from Pet Me Happy. She just gobbled them up. The ingredients were all fantastic and natural, which is very important for me and my dog. I would definitely recommend these treats to any and all dog owners.

    Gilbert Castaneda, Valencia, California

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