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Pet Me Happy Reviews | Pet Me Happy Treats

Pet Me Happy Reviews

Pet Me Happy Reviews

Pet Me Happy reviews from happy Pet Parent customers about our new, all-natural Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries are consistently positive.

Documentation for any of the following reviews cheerfully provided upon request.

We sent free samples to each of them in exchange for honest, no-B.S. feedback, and what we got back was overwhelmingly positive.

Now, we’re receiving reviews from paying customers, too, further reinforcing our belief that we have a winner. We woof you!!

Beagles Daisy, Buddy and Otis and Doggie Daddy George Cummings
LOVE Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries!


Testimonials for Pet Me Happy Artisan Dog Treats - label“Our dogs loved these treats, couldn’t get enough. Our four dogs, Rufus, Bijou, Einstein and Molly are happy little ones. They asked us to reorder.” Al & Lisa Schmitt, Hollywood, California

“Buster loves the treats! I think he would eat the whole bag in one sitting!”  Robert Hudson, Pet Radio Show, Salem, Oregon

“We have given our dog the Pet Me Happy Artisan Dog Treats for several weeks and he seems to love them, always gobbles them down quickly. In addition, his bowel movements have been fine, with no problems. We will be getting more treats in the future for sure. A very satisfied customer.” Joe McGee, Tampa, Florida

Reviews of Pet Me Happy Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries“My dog loved the Artisan Dog Treats from Pet Me Happy. She just gobbled them up. The ingredients were all fantastic and natural, which is very important for me and my dog. I would definitely recommend these treats to any and all dog owners.” – Gilbert Castaneda, Valencia, California

“The package just arrived! I can’t wait to share them with my other friends who have dogs!”  Frances McCabe, Bend, Oregon

“When my pitties, Booker and Gracie know it’s treat time, they do the Happy Dance – especially since their favorites are wholesome and tasty ones from Pet Me Happy! They love the taste and the ingredients are tummy-friendly. They give the Artisan Dog Treats an enthusiastic two paws up!” Carol Rock, Santa Clarita, California

“Our pets love Pet Me Happy’s Artisan Dog Treats! Everyone needs to order some for their pets. You will not be disappointed! We will definitely be ordering more of these awesome treats!” – Becky “Dandy Danes” Bargo, Barbourville, Kentucky

“I’m very happy with Pet Me Happy’s products. We have been enjoying the blueberry-chamomile ‘cookies.’ The dogs like them a lot. We shared them with multiple veterinarians, and we’re really excited to continue to carry the product [in Valencia]. We look forward to starting to sell Pet Me Happy treats in all our stores.” – Cal, Shelter Hope Pet Shops, Valencia, California

“Just got our package of blueberry treats. All three of our kids eat raw and organic food. They loved these treats and I am so glad we have another treat we can spoil them with! Great product and can’t wait to see what flavors come next!” – Ashley T., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Rave review of Artisan Dog Treats from Brenda Huerta and her dog Max

Max Huerta chomps his first Artisan Dog Treats.

“Judging from how fast my two rat terriers come running when I take the Artisan Dog Treats bag down from the cupboard, this is my dogs’ favorite treat. The natural ingredients are much easier on their digestive systems than other treats we’ve tried. The Artisan treat’s small size makes it easy to carry a handful on walks and to reward good behavior. I would recommend this treat to anyone.” – Marcus Rigsby, Canyon Country, California

“My dogs Dexter and Blacky are both rescued mutts and loved your Artisan Dog Treats. They are perfect for both small and large dogs. The ingredients are limited which is great and makes it easy to know exactly what your dog is eating. This is a definite staple in my house. My fur babies are happy and so am I.” – Ashly McDaniel, Castaic, California

“Max is a picky pup! He doesn’t eat just any treat but he really likes these blueberry treats.” – Brenda Huerta, Valencia, California

“Hello, Pet Me Happy! Just wanted to tell you how much both of my dogs love your all-natural dog treats and how happy I am to feed my dogs healthy snacks. You guys are most definitely my new brand. I’ll be back again and again. I am sure you will do well and first-time customers will be long-term.” – Zack Thompson, Canyon Country, California

“I have rescued a series of black female Labrador Retrievers since the 1990s. Because I have been discerning about what I feed them, they have lived well beyond their expected lifespan. My last three dogs lived to be 16+, 18+ and 20+ (in human years) much to the surprise of my vet. These dogs ate only high-quality dry food, one raw egg per week, and occasionally a slice or two of an apple, and/or a small piece of cheese.

“I have been on the lookout for exemplary dry organic or all-natural snacks and was delighted to find Pet Me Happy’s Artisan Dog Treats. My current Lab loves her blueberry treats!

Pet Me Happy Tesimonials Raja Jojo and Henry

Jojo Milton, Queen of the Palisades (center) and pals Raja (left) and Henry (right) line up for their Artisan Dog Treats.

“In addition to now having a reliable and expedient resource for wholesome treats for my dogs, I was also impressed with the articles on the Pet Me Happy website, and with the company’s website. customer service. They responded in a timely fashion to my questions and were extremely professional. I will not hesitate to refer Pet Me Happy to everyone I know who has a dog or cat.”  Marilyn Eisenberg, Los Angeles, California

“JoJo is thrilled. I will take some with me when I walk her and my downstairs neighbor’s dogs in the morning and meet their friend Henry. I’m sure they will all approve. UPDATE: Raja, Henry and Roscoe were thrilled, too!” Carol Milton, Pacific Palisades, California

“Artisan Dog Treats get the A+ rating from my chihuahuas and Min-Pin. Right now they’re waiting impatiently for their next taste of these scrumptious and nutritious treats. My small dogs are aggressive with food. I have to separate them when they eat. So I break up the treats and give each of them a piece of biscuit, and they get so excited. The blueberry idea is great.

“When you love your dogs as much as I do, you watch what they eat very closely, and these Artisan Dog Treats score big marks for quality ingredients, price and delectable taste.”  Ken Sharp, Encino, California

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